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Handmade pastries

Handmade pastries
Using Roman hazelnuts as the essential ingredient, some of the most delicate flavours are harnessed in Maria Simmiís bakery "Le Dolcezze della Vita". There is something sweet for every occasion: biscuits for tea, desserts or biscuits that go hand in hand with dessert wine. All our cakes, desserts and biscuits are based on indigenous ingredients such as the aforementioned hazelnuts that are actually harvested at the Tenuta la Vita. All our sweet creations are made in line with local baking traditions.

Finest handmade pastries
Here are some of our most famous sweet treats:
Baci di Dama: a heavenly blend of smooth chocolate and hazelnuts
Baci d’Otello: a combination of pure cocoa and hazelnuts - crumbly and intense
Tozzetti: biscuits typical of the Tuscia region, rich in hazelnuts
Rum Granelli: a smooth paste of cocoa and rum in a crisp chocolate shell
Ciocco Nocciola: a soft soufflè biscuit filled with a creamy sweet hazelnut-based chocolate.
We sell a variety of sweet Christmas and Easter treats, a pure pleasure for the palate.

If you would like to purchase any of the products made by "Dolcezze della Vita", please contact the shop at the Tenuta la Vita on (00) 39-0761 612077.

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