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Restaurant Lazio Italy
The way we cook is testimony to the love we have for our land and its yield. Our ingredients, which include hazelnuts and chestnuts, are typical of the area and we use them in different ways, revisiting and reinterpreting traditional recipes. We concentrate on using local products and on efficiency of service. We select our dishes with a view to satisfy even the most discerning of palates and endeavour to create meals rich in flavour and in colour.

Restaurant Lazio Lake Vico
Some of our most traditional dishes are:
Gratin of sea-bass fillets, baked in crushed hazelnuts and almonds
'Tortelli' in a rose sauce
'Risotto' with a hazelnut pesto
'Trofie' with fresh water fish, rocket and 'radicchio'
Sirloin steak braised in red wine with a bay leaf flavoured potato purée
'Boscaiola' pork loin with mushrooms and chestnuts
Fillet steak in a creamy hazelnut and truffle sauce.

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